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Inhumane condition in prison: another detainee death in Minya prison 

The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms, an Egyptian civil society organization, announced that the young detainee Ahmed Sayed Tony, had breathed his last inside his prison in the heavily guarded prison of Minya, on Tuesday evening, as a result of deliberate medical neglect and his inhumane conditions of detention that lack the most basic elements of life such as food, ventilation and cleanliness And treat.

“This comes in conjunction with calls for the release of prisoners and detainees in prisons, as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the new Coronavirus (Covid 19), due to the high levels of overcrowding in prisons and inhumane places of detention, which makes it a fertile environment for turning into a hotbed of the epidemic,” the organization said.

This young man is the sixth death in prisons and various places of detention during the past month.

Deliberate medical negligence

On March 21, Engineer Hisham Abu Ali, 56, from the Tila Menoufia Center, died of severe torture at the State Security headquarters, and he was not suffering from any illnesses before his arrest just two weeks ago.

Inhumane condition in prison: another detainee death in Minya prison 
On March 19, the detainee Hamdi Abd al-Barr died in Borg al-Arab Prison, as a result of his deliberate medical negligence, and the prison administration refused to treat him despite his deteriorating health. On the same day, the prisoner, Subhi Fathi, and his fame “Subhi al-Banna” died in his prison in the village of Minya al-Qamh in Sharkia Governorate in the Delta of Egypt, as a result of his deteriorating health status and the authorities’ refusal to perform a surgery or release him.

Recurring phenomenon

Five detainees died in prisons and different places of detention last February, where on the 27th of February, Muhammad al-Sairafi breathed his last breath in his prison in the first section of the tenth of Ramadan in Sharkia Governorate, as a result of deliberate medical negligence, after the department administration refused to provide treatment .

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