Virus cases figures remain untrustworthy due to egypt red tape

The Egyptian Ministry of Health boasted, on the evening of yesterday, that the registered infection rates with the new Coronavirus (Covid 19) had decreased, as were deaths for the entire Egyptian people.

But it seems that the ministry has something to hide from public opinion about its ability to record cases of infection with higher numbers than mentioned during the past week, which witnessed in full the registration of only about 230 cases,

The complexity of bureaucratic procedures

Sources in the Ministry of Health revealed that there are many bureaucratic procedures that have been imposed on all hospitals in the governorates and Greater Cairo, preventing the rapid detection of a greater number of cases, so that a “certain pace” of the number of cases detected daily is preserved.
The sources said that the first procedure is to issue instructions not to accept cases in chest and fever hospitals except with severe and clear symptoms, and put them under observation for a full day.

The second procedure is to not conduct a PCR tests by which the virus is positive or positive, unless the symptoms are completely severe
The third procedure is to allocate a central operations room at the level of the Republic to decide whether to conduct a PCR tests

120 virus test per day

According to these procedures, it is impossible, according to the sources, to disclose in one day a “certain mean” of the cases, because the number of samples testing at the level of the Republic does not exceed 120 per day.

Allocate large hospitals for isolation

The sources pointed out that the ministry is also in the process of allocating large hospitals for isolation in a number of governorates in which more than expected numbers of infection appeared, such as Damietta (approximately 80) and Menoufia (approximately 50). Two roles have already been allocated in some major hospitals in the two governorates as a temporary isolation of suspected cases.

Virus cases figures remain untrustworthy due to egypt red tape

In the context of the security and governmental handling of the crisis, a police source in Public Security said that it is possible to take new measures to tighten the ban before the end of this week, in light of the “non-positive” assessment of the situation.

Obliging the returnees to pay the quarantine costs

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian government has allocated a number of hotels in the Cairo airport area, since the day before yesterday, to accommodate hundreds of citizens who have returned on exceptional trips from different Arab and Western countries, to quarantine them for 14 days, at their own cost, which raised in the past hours A great debate on social media, between supporters of imposing a stone at the expense of returnees and those opposed to the actions of the state.

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