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occupation forces invade Gaza … arrests & storming in West Bank

Today, Monday, Palestine witnessed many hot events due to the spread of the new Coronavirus, as the Israeli occupation forces penetrated this morning, south of the Gaza Strip, and fired tear gas canisters towards farmers and fishermen at sea.

Local sources said: 6 large Israeli “Israeli” bulldozers penetrated this morning east of the city of “Khan Yunis”, south of the Gaza Strip.

The sources added that the occupation mechanisms accompanying the 5 bulldozers were positioned behind the dirt berms, and fired tear gas towards the farmers there in conjunction with the incursion. Despite sk

He explained that the occupation warships opened fire and chased the boats of the fishermen in a sea north of Gaza City. Without any casualties reported.

In a related context, the Israeli occupation forces re-arrested, at dawn today, three freed prisoners from the city of “Jenin” and the towns of “Araba” and “Ya’bad”, southwest of the city.

According to local sources, the occupation re-arrested the liberated prisoner, “Kifah Mahmoud Hantouli,” from the home of his relatives in the “Kharouba” neighborhood in “Jenin”, and the editors “Sami Zaid Al Kilani” from the town of “Ya’bad”, and “Fadi Abu Salah” from the town of “Araba ”

Whereas, the Israeli occupation forces besieged the Al-Dawa Mosque in Beit Hanina, north of occupied Jerusalem, yesterday, Sunday, before storming it on the pretext of violating the emergency instructions and praying inside the mosque.

occupation forces invade Gaza ... arrests and storming in West Bank

Local sources said: The occupation forces issued violations against the worshipers with the value of five hundred shekels each, and five thousand shekels against the muezzin of the mosque.

In “al-khalil”, settlers, under the protection of the occupation forces, attacked the house of “Mofeed Al-Sharabati” on Al-Shuhada Street, which has been closed for 26 years.

He lives with his family, “Al Sharbati”, his family of five, in an old and worn out house of no more than 45 square meters, which he inherited from his father, and the occupation prevents him from adding or modifying it.

In “Jenin”, Hebrew media reported that the occupation forces arrested four young men who managed to infiltrate into a settlement near “Marj Ibn Amer”.

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