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Hamas official: arrest of Palestinians in Saudi Arabia is a mistake

Raafat murah, the head of the media department in Hamas, said once, that the Saudi authorities’ arrest of dozens of Palestinians residing in the Kingdom was a “major political mistake”.

The absence of any legal violations

He added, in a commentary on Wednesday, on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the arrest of Dr. Muhammad al-Khudari and dozens of Palestinians: “These honest people entered Saudi Arabia legally and stayed there in security and stability and did not commit any political or legal violations.”

He emphasized that the Palestinian detainees belong to Palestine and carry their national identity

demands to release in light of the Corona crisis

He called on the Saudi authorities to release them in light of the health crisis afflicting the world and before the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan for Palestine and Saudi Arabia and the relationship between the two peoples.

Hamas official: arrest of Palestinians in Saudi Arabia is a mistake

Dozens of Palestinians arrested in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has arbitrarily arrested dozens of Palestinian students, academics, and residents on its territory a year ago, including Muhammad al-Khudari, who is responsible for relations between Hamas and the Kingdom, without formal charges being brought to them, and some of them underwent trials without knowing their fate, according to human rights organizations.

On March 8, the Saudi authorities began to prosecute some 62 Palestinians (some of whom were Jordanian passport holders) residing on their lands.

Closer Saudi-Israeli relations

Analysts believe that these arrests should be seen in the context of the Israeli-Saudi rapprochement during the past few years. As Muhammad bin Salman began, since his accession to the position of Saudi Crown Prince, to change the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia clearly. He sought to form a regional front against Iran, through alliance with Israel.

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