due to torture: the death of “Walid Fathi” at Mousky Police station

Al-Shihab Center for Human Rights announced the death of the citizen: Walid Muhammad Fathi – at Al-Mousky Police Department yesterday, Thursday, as a result of torture after being held for two days without charge. 

“Walid” is 27 years old and works as a manager of a freight company. He is from the New Valley Governorate and lives in Cairo.

According to “Al-Shehab,” Walid died as a result of brain hemorrhage, pneumonia and body fractures, according to his death report.

His father officially accused the department’s officers of being involved in torturing his son to death.

It is worth noting that this is not the first case in the police stations, but rather the number of deaths in the police stations due to various causes, the most important of which are torture and deliberate medical neglect.

due to torture: the death of "Walid Fathi" at Mousky Police station

The last person to die two days ago was citizen Muhammad, in the Dekheila Police Department, as a result of medical negligence.

According to the center, the victim was suffering from pressure disease and shortness of breath, which made his position with a stacked and smoky blocking his last breath.

Al-Shihab Center for Human Rights held the Ministry of Interior responsible for the death, and the center requests the Public Prosecution to investigate the death of the citizen and refer those involved in it for accountability.

Since the military coup of July 3, 2013, against Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the first elected civilian president, the authorities have thrown thousands of anti-coup activists into prison.

Human rights organizations have estimated the number of detainees in Egyptian prisons at more than 60,000 detainees and there is no accurate count of the number of prison dead, whether as a result of torture, medical negligence, or even natural death.

“daftar ahwal” center for human rights estimated the number of deaths in 2013 at 131, in 2014 at 172, and in 2015 at 181, as well as 50 deaths in the first third of 2016.

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