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WHO prepare 37 Yemeni hospitals to face Corona

According to the representative of the organization in Yemen, Altaf Musani, after confirming the first case of corona.

The World Health Organization announced, on Saturday, that it is preparing 37 hospitals in Yemen to deal with the Coronavirus.

This came in a video recording by Altaf Musani, the representative of the World Health Organization in Yemen, after the country recorded the first infection with the Coronavirus.

“Throughout Yemen, the World Health Organization is continuing to prepare and prepare for the risks of the Corona outbreak in the country,” Musani said.

He added that “the organization is working in partnership with the United Nations and the health authorities in Yemen, to prepare 37 hospitals, especially intensive care departments

WHO prepare 37 Yemeni hospitals to face Corona

He explained, “Intensive care means not only the beds and artificial respiration, but also the provision of treatment and upgrading the capacities of health workers .”

Altaf Musani pointed out that “the organization is also currently working to ensure the readiness of technical medical laboratories to check any suspected cases of the virus .”

He indicated that “an emergency stockpile was provided for testing (virus scanners)”.
He pointed out that the examination devices are currently in “the capital, Sanaa, Aden (south), and Mukalla, the capital of Hadramout (east

In a related context, After five years of war, people in all parts of the country are at the lowest levels of healthy immunity and at the highest levels of extreme vulnerability in the world, said Ms. Liz Grande, Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen.

She warned that Yemen was facing “frightening events,” noting that it was likely that the largest number of people who contracted the infection would suffer from severe disease “more than anywhere else.”

Ms. Grande added that only half of health facilities are currently operating, saying that fighting this virus will be “very difficult, but it is our highest priority.”

She drew attention to the need “to support the authorities to bring in supplies and allow us to ensure that they reach the appropriate facilities at the appropriate time,” adding that “this is one of the greatest threats that Yemen has faced in the last hundred years. It is time for both parties to stop fighting each other and start fighting the Coruna virus.” Collectively. “

On Friday morning, the Yemeni government announced the registration of the first infection with the Coronavirus, in the city of Shahr, Hadramawt Governorate.

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