Gaza: Protests against the Arab “cultural normalization” with Israel

Dozens of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip participated, Friday, in protests, in opposition to the Arab “cultural normalization” with Israel

This came on the back of dramatic acts during the month of Ramadan, which promoted what observers considered a “cultural normalization” with Israel.

The protests were organized by “Hamas” movement in different areas in the Gaza Strip, and the participants held banners including “normalization as a betrayal”, “history will not spare the participants in normalization” and “Jerusalem is calling you.”

In addition to the protests, citizens launched from their roofs and balconies balloons bearing the Palestinian flag and banners rejecting normalization.

On the sidelines of a protest in Khan Yunis, southern the Gaza Strip, Suhaib Ghanem, one of the participants, said in a speech to him: “Normalization with the occupation in all its forms is betrayal and a stabbing of the Palestinian cause.”

He added: “Some Arab countries have carried out cultural normalization with the occupation by broadcasting soap operas during the month of Ramadan that contain offenses against the Palestinian cause.”

He pointed out that “history will have no mercy on anyone, so all those who normalized had to back down and stand by our just cause.”

For his part, said the prisoner freed from Israeli prisons, Mahmoud Al-Hindi, in a speech during a stop in Gaza City: “Normalization with the occupation is a crime and it must be stopped.”

He added: “Palestine is an Arab land, and normalization is unacceptable in all forms with the occupation,” noting that “the Palestinian cause must be supported in order to obtain freedom, as it is the cause of the whole world.”

Gaza: Protests against the Arab "cultural normalization" with Israel

The content of the Gulf drama, since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, has sparked angry Palestinian and Arab reactions because they contain offenses to the Palestinian people and calls for normalization with Israel.

The dramas are ” Exit 7″ and “Umm Haroun,” and it are broadcast on the Saudi MBC channel, which is broadcast from the Emirates.

The drama “Exit 7” talks about Arab relations with Israel, and it contains scenes that support the establishment of economic and cultural relations with the occupation, offend the Palestinian people, and describe it as “the enemy.”

As for “Umm Haroun,” his story revolves around a Jewish woman, and the challenges facing her family and the Jewish community in the Gulf countries, which was considered by observers, a work aimed at spreading a culture of normalization with Israel.

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