Infested area: infection of All workers of Al-Zahra Hospital by”Corona”

The Medical Syndicate revealed that all members of the medical team at Al-Zahra University Hospital had infected with Corona viurs, in addition to their spouses and relatives.

In a press statement, the union said that the Ministry of Health refused to take the remaining samples, and considered the hospital an infected area.

The union said that all medical crews are in a state of severe collapse, after the results of the samples for the virus, which appeared to be 100% positive. And infection all medical teams in the hospital

It’s indicated that the Ministry of Health laboratories refused to complete the remaining tests and informed them that the hospital had become an infected area.

The syndicate revealed that the hospital was closed and considered all employees infected with the Corona virus and their families in contact with them.

Infested area: infection of All workers of Al-Zahra Hospital by"Corona"

The syndicate had revealed the infection of leaders in the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Azhar University, the hospital, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Al-Azhar for girls, also director of curative affairs and director of clinics and 17 others doctors .

the Ministry of Health announced, on Tuesday, that the number of Corona virus infections in Egypt rose to 10093 cases, as it exceeded the number 10,000, after 347 new cases were recorded, and deaths rose to 544 cases after 11 new deaths were recorded.

Since the spread of the Corona virus in Egypt, the Egyptian authorities have imposed several strict measures to limit the spread of the epidemic, most notably the closure of schools, mosques, cinema, cafes, restaurants, and the imposition of partial curfews, among others.

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