Sudan: inflation rises to more than 98 percent on April

The annual inflation rate in Sudan increased to 98.81 percent on April, compared to 80.64 percent on March. 

A statement issued by the Central Office of Statistics said on Saturday that the annual inflation rate in April increased by 17.17 percent from the previous month.

The Central Office of Statistics explained the reasons for this is that the increase in all food and beverages, especially the prices of oils, milk and legumes, in addition to meat and sugar.

He added that there is a big rise in the housing sector due to the high prices of tickets for domestic flights, cooking gas, charcoal and firewood.

According to the statement, the transportation sector “continued to rise in the month of April, due to the fuel crisis and high prices in informal markets.”

Sudan: inflation rises to more than 98 percent on April

Sudan has witnessed accelerating and intertwined events within the crisis of governance since the army leadership dismissed Omar al-Bashir from the presidency on April 11, 2019, after popular protests to condemn the deteriorating economic situation.

Sudan is suffering from renewed crises in bread, flour, fuel and cooking gas, as a result of the high price of the US dollar compared to the Sudanese pound in the parallel (unofficial) markets, to record numbers.

the Sudanese Ministry of Health announced, in a statement, at dawn on Friday, that 146 new cases of Corona virus (Covid-19) had been registered, and one death, within the past 24 hours.

The statement added, “The total number of cases of coronavirus infection since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 1964, including 91 deaths.”

“7 cases recovered, and the total number of people recovered reached 205 cases.

On Friday morning, Corona virus infection cases reached more than 4 million and 526 thousand around the world, among them more than 303 thousand, and more than one million and 704 thousand recovered, according to the “World Meter” website that monitors the latest developments of the Corona virus in the world.

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