Despite Corona: Egyptian parliamentarians hosted a breakfast

A mass breakfast in Egypt, attended by parliamentarians, has sparked widespread criticism for defying preventive measures to counter the Corona virus in the country. 

On Sunday evening, social media activists in Egypt published pictures of a mass breakfast in central Cairo, held by parliamentarian Mohamed Selim and attended by dozens of individuals, including parliamentarians in the People’s Assembly.

The event sparked widespread criticism on social media platforms, as Egyptian activists demanded an investigation into the event and the imposition of deterrent sanctions against MPs (despite immunity) for defying preventive measures against Corona.

Local media, including the private Al-Youm 7 newspaper, quoted MP Mohammed Salim as saying that the breakfast invitation he had sent to some of his fellow parliamentarians came by chance due to the delay in the plenary session of the House of Representatives

Salim said: “There were no citizen gatherings and no Rahman table, and there is no challenge or violation of government decisions and precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus epidemic,” according to the same source.

Despite Corona: Egyptian parliamentarians hosted a breakfast

Contrary to the parliamentarian’s statements, the pictures published on social media showed that dozens gathered on long tables to eat the Ramadan breakfast, which sparked widespread criticism and calls to refer parliamentarians to the parliament’s values committee to investigate the incident.

About a month ago, the Egyptian authorities announced the banning of mass breakfast tables, as a precautionary measure to take to curb the Corona outbreak.

On Sunday evening, Egypt recorded the highest daily infection rate with the Corona Virus since the start of the Corona pandemic by 510, and the number of HIV infections rose to 12,229, including 630 deaths.

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