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A Yemeni official accuses the UAE of financing to control Socotra

A Yemeni official revealed, on Tuesday evening, that the UAE granted the southern separatist transitional council forces 30 million dirhams, as new funding to control the province of Socotra Archipelago in eastern Yemen.

“A defected military commander of the Yemeni army arrived in Socotra from the UAE on a cargo ship, in possession of 30 million dirhams (about 8 million US dollars),” “Mukhtar al-Rahbi,” the advisor of the Yemeni Minister of Information, said in a tweet via Twitter.

He added, “The traitorous rebel colonel, Muhammad Ahmad Ali Farahi, commander of the Coastal Battalion, arrived in Socotra from the Emirates via a cargo ship, with amounts of 30 million dirhams to cover the expenses of the rebellion in the first brigade (subject to the control of the Southern Transitional).”

He pointed out that “the process of disbursing and distributing these funds began on Monday, coinciding with the start of preparations by the Transitional Council to control the city of Hadibu, capital of the Governorate of Socotra Archipelago.”

A Yemeni official accuses the UAE of financing to control Socotra

Socotra witnesses, from time to time, attempts to control vital facilities implemented by gunmen backed by the Emirates.

On May 11th, the Yemeni government called on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to intervene to save Socotra Archipelago from the escalation of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.

The Yemeni government fears that the escalating violence on the island may lead it to lose its position in the World Heritage List.

on 2003 Socotra was classified as a biosphere reserve, and on 2008 it was listed as a World Heritage Site due to its exceptional biological diversity

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