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Guterres: Corona at the start of spread in Africa & unrest will escalate

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, warned, on Wednesday, of the possibility of a rapid escalation of unrest in the countries of the African continent; Due to the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) during the coming period.

The Secretary-General’s warning came in a recorded audio message on the occasion of his issuance of a “Policy Brief” on the urgent challenges facing African countries as a result of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the whole world.

Guterres called on donor countries and institutions to accelerate the provision of aid to the countries of the continent.

“The Corona epidemic will exacerbate long-term economic disparities, increase hunger and malnutrition rates, and outbreaks of various diseases,” the Secretary-General said.

“And the demand for African goods, tourism and remittances has already begun to fall … millions will suffer from extreme poverty.”

“It is true that Africans have done a great deal in recent years to enhance the welfare of the people of the continent. Economic growth rates have achieved strong proportions, and the digital revolution has consolidated, but the Corona epidemic will threaten African progress.”

“Until now, the virus has killed more than 2,500 Africans, but these are still the first days of the continent’s epidemic, and unrest can escalate rapidly, so vigilance and preparedness are crucial,” he added.

Guterres: Corona at the start of spread in Africa & unrest will escalate

The Secretary-General called for the necessity of “adopting international measures to strengthen health systems in the countries of the continent, maintain food supplies, avoid financial crises, support education networks, and protect jobs.”

“I have called for a global response package that reaches at least 10% of the world’s gross domestic product. For Africa, this means more than $ 200 billion in additional support by the international community,” he said.

Guterres affirmed his strong support for creating “a comprehensive debt framework and adopting a comprehensive approach to structural issues of international debt to prevent the countries from defaulting on debt repayment.”

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