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US: Security Council is the reason for the suffering of Syrians

Washington said that the reason for the suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of the Assad regime is “the UN Security Council.”

This came according to statements made by the US permanent representative to the United Nations, Kelly Kraft, at the session held by the International Security Council on Tuesday evening on the current humanitarian situation in Syria.

“Since last January, according to Council Resolution 2504, which has resulted in a reduction in the number of border crossings to deliver aid to Syria, thereby reducing the ability of the United Nations and other international humanitarian organizations to provide basic assistance to those affected and needy,” Kraft said.

“The Syrian people are suffering because of the actions of this council – or more precisely, because of our inability to work, because of the obstruction of a small number of members,” she added.

US: Security Council is the reason for the suffering of Syrians

On January 11, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2504 and specified ways of delivering cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria through only two crossings of Turkey for a period of 6 months, and the closure of Al-Yarubia crossings in Iraq and Ramtha in Jordan, In fulfillment of the desire of Russia and China.

The US ambassador affirmed that “the Trump administration (Trump) renews its call to this council to take immediate measures to increase aid crossing the border into Syria and to re-allow the use of Al-Yarubia crossing.”

“We also call on Russia to set policy aside and temporarily allow aid to be delivered across the border to the northeast to save the Syrians from the threat of the Corona virus,” she added.

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