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Al-Othmani: The call to form a national rescue government is rejected

The Moroccan Justice and Development Party, leader of the country’s government coalition, has announced its rejection of the calls for the formation of a national rescue government to get out of the Corona crisis, considering it an attempt to circumvent the country’s democratic path.

This came in the words of Saad Eddine El-Othmani, Secretary-General of the party, Prime Minister, in a video interview for his party in the Fez-Meknes region, on Friday evening.

In response to a direct question on the subject, Al-Othmani said: “There is no sense for a national rescue government, because it is resorted to when there is a political crisis in the country and we are not in a political crisis and no one has said this.”

Al-Othmani added, “All the countries of the world facing Corona have not resorted to this matter, and there is no justification whatsoever. They faced the pandemic with their governments and parliaments, and they either win a little or a lot, and we face them with these tools.”

He added that some people want to spoil the political process and there are those who called for the amendment of Chapter 47 (stipulating the choice of the prime minister from the first party in the elections) and the type of polling and who demanded a government of national unity and a government of technocrats, and this is evidence that they were unable to confront the Justice and Development Party by democratic means And they wanted to get around the democratic path in other ways. “

The Prime Minister stressed that his party’s position is clear on this issue and “there is no meaning to these calls and everyone should focus on confronting the pandemic and alleviating its health, economic, social, cultural and media effects.”

Al-Othmani: The call to form a national rescue government is rejected

The past few days have witnessed the emergence of calls on social media to form a government (technocrats) or a government of national unity that cooperates with King Mohammed VI to extract the country from the economic and social crisis imposed by the Corona pandemic, accusing the government of Saad al-Din al-Othmani of failing to manage the stage and inability to provide the necessary solutions To save the country.

It is mentioned that the Justice and Development Party (124 seats out of 395) leads a government coalition that includes alongside it the “National Rally of Independents” (37 seats), the “Popular Movement” (27 seats), and the “Socialist Union” (20 seats). And “Constitutional Union.”

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