CNN: Pompeo created a “state of emergency” to pass an arms deal to Saudi Arabia

CNN revealed on Friday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had urged ministry officials to create a justification for the “state of emergency” announced last year to cover the acceleration of the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

The network quoted informed sources as saying that “Pompeo’s orders regarding a $ 8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia shocked the diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that “employees at the ministry informed the inspector general’s office of what happened during an interview late last year in the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s efforts to ensure Iran’s continued compliance with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.”

He added, “This was within the framework of investigating Pompeo‘s moves to accelerate the arms deal,” describing this behavior as “similar to President Donald Trump’s practices.”

The US network quoted a congressional source as saying on Monday that Pompeo refused to cooperate and conduct an interview with the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of investigations into President Trump’s administration selling arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE of $ 8 billion on last year, bypassing Congress after declaring a state of emergency ».

CNN indicated that, after “Trump’s sacking of State Department Inspector General Steve Linnick, at Pompeo’s request, last week, the investigation was highlighted in Pompeo‘s attempt to accelerate the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.”

And last May, Pompeo announced that the administration had not bothered to review Congress for arms sales because it was necessary to deal with the emergency caused by Iran’s destabilizing actions in the region, according to the same source.

CNN: Pompeo created a "state of emergency" to pass an arms deal to Saudi Arabia

The Republican and Democratic sections of Congress had voted against the arms deal and issued a series of decisions to prevent the US administration from signing these contracts with Saudi Arabia.

Trump was subject to intense accountability last year, because he declared a national emergency to sell weapons to the kingdom, without congressional approval.

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