Trump threatens social media after his dispute with Twitter

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump threatened to shut down social media after his dispute with Twitter.

Trump called on social media via Twitter to delete a warning tag that was put under two of his tweets, which the site described as “misleading.”

Trump said, via Twitter: Republicans feel that social media platforms are completely silencing conservative voices.

He added: We will organize or close it vigorously, before we allow this to happen.

The US President continued his attack on social media platforms: We saw what they tried to do and failed, in 2016, and we will not allow it to happen again.

He also stressed that large-scale voting operations by mail would not be allowed in the country, as he said that there is a possibility of fraud, forgery and theft of votes.

He concluded by addressing social media platforms: Cleanse your actions immediately.

The reason for the dispute is that the Twitter platform described two Trump tweets as “misleading,” which prompted the president to launch an attack on the site.

US President threatens social media after his dispute with Twitter

In one of his tweets, the US President said that the ballot papers will be “largely fraudulent” and will lead to “fraudulent elections.”

Therefore, the site wrote on two tweets to Trump the phrase “verify the facts,” and also issued a warning to the President’s followers, that these two tweets contain information that may be misleading about the voting process.

In response, Trump wrote in a tweet series, that “Twitter interferes with the 2020 US presidential election”.

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