Protests and violence in the United States

All over the United States of America, Friday, there were protests against the killing of a black citizen by a policeman, and turned into violent incidents between protesters and the police. 

According to American media, the protests witnessed acts of sabotage and smashing windows in the Ohio State Council, while police fired tear gas.

Shots were also heard in the city of Denver, the capital of Colorado, during the protests, while tensions increased between protesters and police in Arizona.

Protests and violence in the United States

In New York, the police arrested 40 people during the protests, and dragged a woman onto the ground and transported her to the police car.

In Minneapolis, at Minnesota, police arrested a CNN reporter and his team while they were covering the protests, and 3 journalists were released shortly after the arrest.

More than 500 National Guard personnel have been deployed to protect banks, markets, pharmacies and in various locations of the city.

video footage spread on social media, last Monday, showing a policeman arrested “George Floyd” with black skin on the ground while handcuffed for four minutes, putting his knee above his neck during his arrest.

The video shows that the officer continued in the same position, although Floyd lost consciousness, and his pulse was checked after about three minutes of fainting, to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.

The video clips of Floyd’s death have caused anger on social media, and thousands have taken to the streets of Minneapolis to protest the incident.

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