Trump ends US relationship with WHO

On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced the end of Washington’s relationship with the World Health Organization, due to its “failure” to implement reforms on managing the Corona crisis. 

The United States has more than once expressed its concerns about the way the World Health Organization (WHO) manages the Corona crisis and its failure to early warning of the disease and its bias towards China.

“Because they (WHO) failed to implement the much-needed reforms, today we will end our relationship with the organization,” Trump said at a news conference in Washington.

He continued: “And we will redirect this money to other countries around the world and other global health needs,” according to the website “Fox News” America.

“There are steps we are taking that have to do with the worrying situation in Hong Kong, including ending the special treatment for Hong Kong because of China,” he added.

“China is violating the agreement with Britain on Hong Kong, and therefore China’s interference in Hong Kong shows that the city is no longer independent,” Trump said.

“We will review the travel advice issued by the Foreign Ministry to Hong Kong, to reflect the increased risk of surveillance and punishment by the Chinese state security services,” the US president said.

On Thursday, the Chinese parliament approved by majority, the imposition of a national security law in Hong Kong aimed at countering what China calls “separatism, conspiracy, terrorism and foreign interference.”

Trump ends US relationship with WHO due to corona

“China covering up the Wuhan virus caused a global pandemic,” Trump said, stressing that “China controls the World Health Organization.”

“Beijing has spied for years to steal our inventions … and today I am moving to protect our financial markets from China,” Trump concluded.

Earlier, Trump announced that the United States would stop funding the World Health Organization, as the United States is the main contributor to the organization’s contributions.

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