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US police arrest the “CNN” team while covering the “Floyd” protests

On Friday, the American police arrested the CNN team on the air while covering protests against the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, according to local media. 

For the fourth consecutive day, protests continued in the city over the killing of George Floyd, a black-skinned man, by a police officer during his arrest.

The American channel “CNN” said that the police detained Friday the channel’s correspondent and its accompanying staff while they were covering the protests in Minneapolis.

The channel quoted a team member as saying that the police told them that they had detained them because they did not leave the place when the police instructed them to do so.

In a statement, CNN called on the authorities in Minnesota to release all three of its employees.

Earlier Friday, demonstrators set fire to a police station in Minneapolis, in protest against the killing of George Floyd, 46, by a policeman, on Monday.

Police in the area used tear gas, against thousands of demonstrators.

US police arrest the "CNN" team while covering the "Floyd" protests

media outlets reported that the Minnesota Governor ordered the dispatch of National Guard teams to the area to control the situation, and is expected to arrive within a short period of time.

And US President Donald Trump threatened Mayor of Minneapolis “Jacob Fry.”

“Either the very weak, left-wing radical mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Fry, will take over the city, or I will send the National Guard and do the job myself,” Trump added, in tweets posted on Twitter.

Video footage spread on the communication sites, last Monday, showing a policeman holding George Floyd on the ground handcuffed for four minutes, placing his knee above his neck during his arrest, while the detainee says more than once: “I am not able to breathe.”

The video shows that the officer continued in the same position despite Floyd’s lack of awareness, and the pulse was examined about three minutes after his arrest, after which he was transferred by ambulance to the hospital.

The videos did not show the result of Floyd’s examination at the time, but he seemed unconscious.

The video clips of Floyd’s death have caused anger on social media, and thousands have taken to the streets of Minneapolis to protest the incident.

On Tuesday, Minnesota Mayor Jacob Frye announced the dismissal of the four officers involved in the incident, while the victim’s family demanded that the murder officers be charged.

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