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The Libyan army targets the militia of Haftar at Tripoli airport

The Libyan army announced, on Sunday, that sites belonging to the General Khalifa Haftar militia were targeted at Tripoli airport, south of the capital, and destroyed by 3 armed vehicles. 

This came in a brief statement published by the media center of the “burkan al-ghadab”, of the army.

The statement stated that the army’s heavy artillery destroyed 3 armed vehicles, and precisely targeted “locations of the Haftar terrorist militia inside Tripoli airport,” without further details.

And Saturday, the army announced progress in the vicinity of Tripoli airport, and it was able to control important places for the Haftar militia.

The Libyan army targets the militia of Haftar at Tripoli airport

During the past few days, the army succeeded in controlling fighting axes and strategic camps south of Tripoli, the most prominent of which are Hamza, Yarmouk, and Takbali camps.

Haftar militia continues to suffer heavy losses, as a result of harsh strikes in all cities of the western coast and up to the border with Tunisia, in addition to the strategic “Al-Wattia” base (west), the towns of Badr and Tiji, and the cities of Al-Asba in the western mountain (southwest of Tripoli).

With the support of Arab and European countries, the Haftar militia has launched since April 4, 2019 a faltering attack to take control of Tripoli, the internationally recognized seat of government, killing and injuring civilians, along with extensive damage.

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