Germany arrest a young man who threatened a new massacre of Muslims

German authorities announced on Sunday the arrest of a young man who was planning to carry out an attack against Muslims similar to the massacre of mosques in the city of Christ Church, New Zealand.

“A 21-year-old man from the neo-Nazis was arrested in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony,” said the Central Counter-Terrorism Office. According to the European “euronews” website.

In a statement, the office added that weapons were found in the suspect’s home.

Meanwhile, the office stated that the young man announced on the Internet that he was planning to launch an attack against Muslims such as the Christ Church massacre that killed 51 people.

Investigators also revealed that they found “files with extreme right-wing content” on his electronic devices.

German authorities classify extremist right-wing terrorism as the first threat to the country’s security.

On March 15, 2019, Christ Church witnessed a horrific massacre; Where a terrorist named Tarrant attacked with weapons of the worshipers in the “Al-Nour” and “Lynwood” mosques.

The terrorist massacre, which was published directly by his outlet on his “Facebook”, resulted in the death of 51 people, including a Turkish citizen, and the injury of 49 others, including two Turkish citizens, according to official figures.

Germany arrest a young man who threatened a new massacre of Muslims

After the massacre in New Zealand, officials said, “The police will patrol parts of the country,” as part of a pilot project following increased security concerns after the massacre of two mosques, “Christ Church”, last March, which killed 51 people.

“After the March 15 events in Christ Church, our working environment has changed,” Police Commissioner Mike Bush said in a press statement.

“The police must ensure that its personnel are well prepared to perform their duties safely so that our societies are safer and more secure.”.

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