Trump orders the withdrawal of the National Guard from Washington

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of National Guard forces from Washington, DC, after protests receded. 

“I have ordered our National Guard to start the process of withdrawing from Washington, after everything is under full control,” Trump said in a tweet on Twitter.

He added, “They can return quickly if necessary,” noting that “the number of demonstrators during the last night was less than expected.”

Trump asked U.S. state officials to use the maximum force to suppress the demonstrations even if the army needed to take to the streets to deal with protesters, which was rejected by US officials, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

The killing of George Floyd on May 25, by a white policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota (north), resulted in angry reactions locally and internationally.

Since his death, tens of thousands have gone out in various countries of the world, and in American cities to participate in major demonstrations and defied the curfew imposed in more than one state.

CNN reported that the White House has requested that 10,000 soldiers be sent to the capital, Washington, to counter protests over the killing of African-American citizen George Floyd at the hands of the police.

CNN quoted its news about senior military officers, who did not give his name, noting that the Trump administration had requested 10,000 soldiers to interfere in the Washington protests; However, Defense Secretary Mark Esber and Chief of Staff Mark Miley opposed the army’s use of these issues.

The network added that “Mark Esber sent about 1,600 soldiers to Washington, explaining that the soldiers began withdrawing last Thursday from Washington, DC, which is home to 5 thousand national guards, and they do not need help from the army.”

Mark Miley confirmed in his tense” conversation with Trump, that Washington does not need the soldiers.

Trump orders the withdrawal of the National Guard from Washington

On Friday, Trump urged state governors to call the National Guard to counter the demonstrations that have been sweeping the country since the killing of George Floyd, which was not supported by Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

On May 25, Minneapolis city police arrested George Floyd on suspicion of fraud, and during his arrest a policeman put his knee on his neck while he was in detention.

Floyd then appealed to the policeman to remove his knee from his neck, saying: “I cannot breathe,” but his appeals were not received, so that he could die.

Since the 26th of the same month, the United States has been witnessing protests against Floyd’s killing, which has subsequently turned into violence between protesters and the police.

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