Amnesty: Croatia tortured asylum seekers on its borders

Amnesty International said that the Croatian police tortured migrants and asylum seekers on its borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, stressing that human rights violations increased significantly in Croatia

The organization stated, in a statement, that it had interviewed Pakistanis and Afghans who were beaten and tortured by the Croatian police while crossing from an area near the Croatian “Plitvice Lakes” border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s explained that members of the Croatian Special Forces task forces shot in the air, and then kicked the asylum seekers with their feet after they tied them, and beat them with clubs, iron bars and pistols, and then they emptied the bottles of “mayonnaise” and “ketchup” that were found in the migrants’ bags over their heads and over their clothes.

The organization added that the medical staff who treated asylum-seekers in the Bosnian city of Velika Kladusa confirmed that they were hit on the head with blunt machines.

Commenting on the issue, Massimo Moratti, Deputy Director of Research at Amnesty International‘s Europe Program, said that the European Union could not deliberately ignore the violence and violations committed by the Croatian police.

He stressed that Europe’s silence allows or even encourages officials to continue these violations without any penalty.

Amnesty: Croatia tortured asylum seekers on its borders

“If the necessary steps are not taken immediately, then the inhumane Croatian practices against refugees and asylum seekers, the European Union will be a partner in the grave violations of human rights committed at its doorstep,” Moratti said.

The organization reported a Pakistani named Amir, whose nose was broken and his arm broken by the violence of the Croatian police.

Amir said he pleaded with the police to have mercy on him, adding: “They tied us and we could not move, and there was no reason for them to continue beating and torturing us.”

As for Tariq, who broke his arm and leg, he said that a policeman hit him with the weapon on his head, and that he lost consciousness many times overnight.

In turn, the asylum seeker, Faisal, said that the police told them, “Take those unable to walk and leave.”
Amnesty International confirmed that it had informed the Croatian Ministry of the details of this case, but had not received an official response.

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