China accuses India of launching “provocative” attacks on its forces

China accused India of launching “provocative” attacks on its forces in the border region of ” Ladakh ” between the two countries. 

This came through Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian, Tuesday, in a press statement on Monday’s clash, between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh, which killed 3 Indian soldiers.

Legian explained that the Indian forces violated the settlement agreement between the two countries and crossed the Chinese borders twice illegally and carried out provocative attacks, which led to clashes between the two parties.

He expressed his country’s strong rejection of the accident, stressing Beijing’s commitment to maintaining peace and stability on the borders of the two countries.

For its part, Indian media reported that an officer and two Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese forces in the Ladakh border area.

China accuses India of launching "provocative" attacks on its forces

it added that senior military officials from both sides are currently discussing easing escalating tension.

On Tuesday, the Indian army announced the death of an officer and two soldiers in its ranks after a “violent confrontation” with China on the borders of the two countries.

The army said in a statement that the clash took place yesterday, Monday, in the border region of Lakh, Jammu and Kashmir, the part under Indian control of the disputed Kashmir region.

The statement added: a violent confrontation that took place yesterday (Monday) caused casualties.

He pointed out that among the dead Indians was a colonel.

According to the army statement, army officers from both sides are holding consultations to calm the situation.

It is noteworthy that this is the first time since 1975 that India and China are engaged in a military confrontation that leads to deaths on the border between the two countries.

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