After Egypt: Sudan refers “the Dam” file to the Security Council

The Sudanese government announced, on Wednesday, its intention to address the United Nations Security Council on the Ethiopian “Renaissance Dam” file. 

This came at a press conference of the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Yasser Abbas, in Khartoum, less than a week after Egypt announced to address the Security Council about the stalling of the dam negotiations.

The Sudanese minister said that his country “will address a letter to the UN Security Council to clarify its position, similar to that of Egypt and Ethiopia, as well as to present proposals for fair and balanced solutions that take into account the three parties.”

He added: “We have the right to address the Security Council, and we have seen that negotiation is the most successful way to solve the Renaissance Dam file, and we recognize the right of states to asylum in the Security Council or the African Union.”

Abbas announced that his country has received an invitation from Ethiopia to resume the tripartite negotiations again.

In response to the Ethiopian call, Abbas said that his country “reaffirmed its position that returning to the negotiating table requires a political will to resolve outstanding contentious issues.”

He continued: “The contentious points need to refer to the prime ministers of the three countries after agreement on about 95 percent of the technical points, as there are only 3 legal points of dispute (not specified).”

After Egypt: Sudan refers "the Dam" file to the Security Council

He stressed that the draft agreement presented by Sudan is suitable as a basis for consensus between the three countries, provided that a tripartite agreement is signed before the start of filling the Ethiopian Dam.

And Friday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced, in a statement, that it had submitted a request to the Security Council regarding the “stumbling” of the Renaissance Dam negotiations, and called on Saturday, in another letter, to accelerate the discussion of its request.

On Tuesday, Arab foreign ministers called for an emergency meeting through the “video conference” technology, the Ethiopian authorities, not to start filling the dam, next month, without prior agreement with Egypt and Sudan.

The United Nations, on Sunday, Cairo, Khartoum and Addis Ababa, urged “to resolve the outstanding differences on the Renaissance Dam peacefully.”

Negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have stalled over the past years, amid mutual accusations between Cairo and Addis Ababa of “intransigence” and “the desire to impose unrealistic solutions.”

Recently, Ethiopia announced that 74 percent of the dam would be completed, and said it would start filling it from next July, amid a Sudanese-Egyptian refusal to fill a unilateral decision without an agreement.

Cairo and Khartoum fear the potential negative impact of the dam on the flow of their annual share of the Nile River’s water, which amounts to 55.5 billion cubic meters for Egypt, and 18.5 billion for Sudan.

While Addis Ababa says it does not aim to harm Egypt’s interests, and that the aim of building the dam is to generate electricity mainly.

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