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Haftar’s defeat increased consensus with US on a political solution

Libyan Minister of Interior Fathi Pashaga said on Tuesday that the military defeat of General Khalifa Haftar has increased consensus with the United States on a political solution in Libya. 

This came in a tweet via his Twitter account, following a meeting held by the President of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government, Faiz al-Sarraj, with General Stephen Townsend, the commander of the US military command in Africa, Africom, and the US ambassador to Tripoli, Richard Norland.

“The military defeat that Haftar received increased the consensus with the United States that a political solution is the only option for the Libyan crisis, which confirms that the aggressive coup mentality is destroyed and not adopted,” Pashaga said.

He added: “The participants in the meeting agreed on the need to end illegal foreign interventions and support Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against any external threats.”

He added that the meeting also discussed “seeking to dismantle the outlaw militia, as it is one of the causes of instability and support the efforts of the Libyan government.”

Haftar's defeat increased consensus with US on a political solution

Pashaga described the Libyan government’s meeting with the American ambassador and the AFRICOM leadership as “positive”. Whereas, “the participants in the meeting agreed to support the efforts of security, stability and the economy and to promote joint work between the Libyan government and the United States.”

On Monday, Al-Sarraj, Townsend and Norland met in the coastal city of Zuwara (120 km west of the capital, Tripoli); For joint coordination in combating terrorism and its militias, within the strategic cooperation between Libya and the United States.

The Libyan army has recently achieved a series of victories in the face of the Haftar militia, the most prominent of which is the liberation of the entire administrative borders of Tripoli, the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid, the cities of the entire West Coast, the “Al-Wattia” air base, and towns in the western mountain, as it prepares to liberate the cities of Sirte and Jafra.

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