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Three human rights organizations launch a campaign against torture

Three human rights organizations announced the launching of a campaign (Against Torture – No Torture in Egypt), on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, with the aim of focusing on the seriousness of torture crimes in Egypt, as well as monitoring and documenting it, and focusing on some of those responsible for these crimes. 

Several human rights organizations participate in the campaign against torture: the Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights, the Adalah Foundation for Human Rights and the International Peace Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights.

The campaign begins its activities, from Tuesday to 26 June 2020, and includes a number of events and publications that explain the methodology of Torture in Egypt, as well as – by names – the headquarters and perpetrators of torture.

The campaign focuses on cases of severe torture (physical and moral) inside the places of detention of the Egyptian government, calling for participation on the hashtag “# against_ torture” on social media.

For his part, the director of the Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights, the legal lawyer, Khalaf Bayoumi, said: “A campaign against Torture will be carried out that will focus on the seriousness of the crime of torture in Egypt and the extent to which this violates national or international law, as all laws stipulated the criminalization of every material or moral act that affects Dignity and considered it a crime against humanity that does not lapse by statute of limitations.

Bayoumi indicated, in a press statement, that their campaign will also “monitor and document torture crimes, prosecute the perpetrators and strive to avoid impunity, highlighting the headquarters of torture and the perpetrators of the crime, and write a preliminary list that includes this, in order to expose them and reveal their crime.” Stressing that the campaign includes events and publications documenting what they talked about.

The director of the Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights stated that “supporters around the world agreed to participate with us and to express solidarity with the campaign (against Torture ).”

Bayoumi called on everyone to participate in the campaign, publish all of its products, and blogging against torture through all the media windows and various means of communication.

In the same context, the Egyptian human rights activist, Ahmed Al-Attar said: 40 detainees have died inside Egyptian prisons and places of detention since the beginning of January 2020 until today.

On Monday, Al-Attar published a report on his Facebook page, documenting the names and dates of what he described as “the premeditated murder of torture or medical negligence, and the prevention of treatment and medication by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior against opponents.”

Three human rights organizations launch a campaign against torture

Al-Attar said: “The number of detainees who died as a result of being subjected to torture in police stations has reached 6 detainees, as two of them are inside the secret headquarters of the State Security in the governorates of Menoufia and Beni Suef, and the remaining four are distributed among the police departments in Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.”

The report – published by “Al-Attar” – monitored the negative attitude of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor and the Public Prosecution and its negligence in carrying out its constitutionally and legally entrusted role and inspecting prisons and places of detention, and referring the defendants and those responsible for this crime to investigation and the judiciary.

Al-Attar also accused the National Council for Human Rights of practicing the same crime by covering up and keeping silent and the participation of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior in killing political opponents.

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