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“Amnesty” calls on Saudi to immediately release to women activists

On Thursday, Amnesty International called on the Saudi authorities to immediately release women human rights activists unconditionally. 

This came in a statement by the London-based organization, coinciding with the passage of two years since Saudi women were allowed to drive, as of June 2018.

“While Saudi Arabia celebrates allowing women to drive, the most prominent women human rights defenders are still in prison! They must be released immediately and unconditionally,” the statement said.

The statement added that “it has been nearly two years since the Saudi authorities detained the activists: Lujain Al-Hathloul, Iman Al-Nafjan, Aziza Al-Youssef, and a group of Saudi activists who demand equality and defend human rights.”

The statement continued: “Many of these women have led the struggle to lift the ban imposed on women driving a car over the past years … but the women who worked to lift this ban have not had the opportunity to drive legally while they are in prison.”

“Many women human rights defenders during their detention were subjected to torture, including sexual harassment, as well as other forms of ill-treatment in solitary confinement, while not allowing them to contact their families or lawyers,” the statement said.

"Amnesty" calls on Saudi to immediately release to women activists

Amnesty International considered that” the Saudi authorities are seeking to implement social reforms in the kingdom, but these reforms cannot cover up human rights violations and brutal repression against activists, “according to the same statement.

The Saudi authorities did not comment on the statement of Amnesty International until 7:30 pm GMT, but Saudi Arabia usually denies accusations of ill-treatment of detainees and confirms its commitment to the law.

On May 2018, the Saudi authorities arrested the above-mentioned female human rights activists, before the prosecution later announced accusations against some of them related to harming the country’s interests, amid international condemnations.

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