“Arab Ministers” calls on Ethiopia not to fill the Dam without agreement

On Tuesday, Arab foreign ministers called on Ethiopia not to start filling the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam next month without prior agreement with Egypt and Sudan. 

This came in a decision regarding the file of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam at the end of the emergency Arab ministerial meeting called by the Arab League, according to an Egyptian media.

The resolution demanded “the necessity of all parties refraining from taking any unilateral measures, including Ethiopia‘s refusal to start filling the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam, without reaching an agreement with the downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan) on the rules for filling and operating the dam.”

The decision expressed “the Arab League’s grave concern (at the ministerial level) over the stalled negotiations in some of their important aspects.”

it stressed, “The necessity of resuming negotiations to reach a just agreement if Ethiopia refuses to fill the dam.”

It was not possible to obtain an immediate comment from Ethiopia, but it adheres to the start of filling the dam on July, and reduces the impact of Egypt’s resort to the Security Council to discuss a crisis in technical negotiations that did not produce results after the meetings sponsored by Sudan for nearly a week.

"Arab Ministers" calls on Ethiopia not to fill the Dam without agreement

According to the Egyptian local media, the emergency Arab meeting also issued a resolution on Libya, which included the importance of a political solution to the crisis and support for the full implementation of the Libyan political agreement signed in Sukhirat (2015), and the need to reach an immediate permanent ceasefire.

In December 2015, the two parties to the Libyan conflict signed a political agreement in the Moroccan city of Sukhirat, which resulted in the formation of a presidential council leading Al-Wefaq government, in addition to an extension to the parliament, and the establishment of a higher state council, but General Khalifa Haftar has sought for years to block it and topple it.

The Libyan government had rejected the ministerial meeting that Egypt called for today and reduced its representation in it, noting that it had called for a meeting since April 2019, without taking place despite the completion of its quorum.

“Today, after changing the reality and ending the aggression on Tripoli, we have begun to hear from countries that support Haftar calls for dialogue after they hindered peace efforts and aborted ceasefire efforts,” said Libyan delegate to the Arab League, Saleh Al-Shamakhhi, in today’s remarks.

The militia of Haftar, with the support of Arab and European countries, launched an aggression against Tripoli, starting on April 4, 2019, killing and injuring civilians, along with extensive material damage, but suffered heavy losses, at the hands of the forces of the reconciliation government.

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