Ethiopia plans to start filling the Renaissance Dam in two weeks

The Ethiopian government announced, on Saturday, its intention to start filling the Renaissance Dam within two weeks, despite the Egyptian-Sudanese announcement that this would be postponed until a binding agreement is reached. 

This came in a statement issued by the office of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed, following the virtual summit of the leaders of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, held by the African Union, on Friday, to negotiate the Renaissance.

The statement of the Ethiopian Prime Minister stated that the three countries agreed to continue the dialogue and reach an agreement within the next two weeks.

He added: “Ethiopia is scheduled to start filling the dam within the next two weeks, and during that the remaining construction work will continue.”

The statement continued: “During this period, the three countries agreed to reach a final agreement on some outstanding issues.”

The statement pointed out that “the meeting also decided to inform the Security Council that the African Union has the right to consider the matter.”

And yesterday, Cairo announced the agreement at the African mini-summit Friday evening to form a committee of Egyptian-Sudanese-Ethiopian experts to “reach a binding agreement on the Renaissance Dam“, while postponing the filling of the dam until the agreement is finalized.

For its part, the official Sudanese News Agency said that those attending the summit agreed that “negotiations begin at the level of the technical committees with the aim of reaching an agreement within two weeks, which is proposed by the Ethiopian side.”

Ethiopia plans to start filling the Renaissance Dam in two weeks

The agency added that “it was agreed that the filling of the tank will be postponed until after the signing of an agreement.”

Negotiations on the “Renaissance Dam” between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have stalled over the past years, the most recent of which is about a week ago, amid mutual accusations between Cairo and Addis Ababa of “intransigence” and “the desire to impose unrealistic solutions.”

Before Egypt and Sudan went to the Security Council and asked it to intervene to solve the crisis.

On Monday, the Security Council will hold a session on the dam crisis, according to UN diplomatic sources revealed to Anatolia.

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