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A human rights org demands Saudi to reveal the fate of 5 Yemeni detainees

On Sunday, a human rights organization called on the Saudi authorities to “immediately” disclose the fate of 5 Yemenis detained by them, including a preacher. 

This came in a statement issued by “Sam for Rights and Freedoms” (based in Geneva), according to Anatolia.

The statement said: “We demand the disclosure of the fate of Sheikh Abd al-Aziz al-Zubayri (a Yemeni preacher) who has been forcibly disappeared in the kingdom’s prisons since his arrest by the Saudi security forces on May 20 (last).”

The organization also demanded the release of 4 other detainees, including activist Mohamed al-Bakkari, who had been detained since April 8, 2020.

The statement added that “the family of Sheikh Al-Zubayri did not receive an answer from the Saudi authorities about his place of detention or the reasons for his arrest.”

While the organization did not mention the reasons for the arrest of Sheikh Al-Zubayri, the account of the detainees of opinion (a Saudi human rights grouping), in a tweet on his Twitter account, on June 11, said, “It was confirmed to us that the leader of the Yemeni Reform Party (the largest Islamic party) In the country) Sheikh Abd al-Aziz al-Zubayri has been in arbitrary detention since May 20, after he was kidnapped from his home in Mecca.

A human rights org demands Saudi to reveal the fate of 5 Yemeni detainees

He added: “The arrest came against the background of his participation in the middle of Ramadan through a video call at a symposium in Turkey, hosted by the Yemeni Student Union.”

There was no comment from the Saudi authorities on the organization’s statement.

Usually, the Saudi authorities do not issue responses about what is being circulated about the arrests targeting princes and civil activists in human rights field.

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