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Sudan: Severe security measures before massive demonstrations on June 30 

On Sunday, the security services in Sudan implemented a very complex security plan, which includes the complete closure of bridges (bridges), the streets leading to the army’s general headquarters, and the emptying of the downtown area of Khartoum, with the approaching of millions of demonstrations on June 30. 

A high-ranking security source told Anatolia that the security services had raised the level of maximum preparedness and started evacuating hotels and hotel apartments from inmates, with a preventive inspection, through forensic evidence and police dogs.

The source explained (preferring not to be named), that the security services closed all bridges in Khartoum and prevented citizens from crossing, except for medical personnel and patients, who were heading to hospitals.

He pointed out that the competent security services received reports indicating that there are plans to carry out assassinations, chaos and sabotage, on June 30, to accelerate the departure of the transitional government, eaded by Abdullah Hamdouk.

Sudan: Severe security measures before massive demonstrations on June 30 

on Saturday, the State Security Committee decided to close the bridges without exceptions on June 29 and 30, with the closure covering crossings to the states in and out.

Recently, the Sudanese Professionals Caucus (one of the most prominent components of the popular movement) called for organizing millions of demonstrations on June 30, in the name of “correcting the path”, to complete the demands of the revolution that toppled Bashir.

On April 11, 2019, the army leadership removed al-Bashir from the presidency (1989 – 2019), due to the popular protests that started in late 2018, to denounce the deteriorating economic situation.

On August 21, 2019, a transition period of 39 months, ending in elections, began in Sudan, during which power is shared by the army and the Alliance for the Liberation of Change and Freedom, Change Leader, along with a transitional government.

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