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Yemeni human rights alliance: 20 thousand kidnapped in Houthi prisons

A Yemeni human rights coalition said that there are 20,000 “kidnapped” people in 790 official and unofficial prisons inside the areas controlled by the Houthi group. 

This came during a “virtual” seminar organized by the Yemeni Alliance to monitor human rights violations (non-governmental), on Saturday evening, and its details were reported by the official Yemeni News Agency, Sunday.

The coalition accused the Houthi group of recruiting about 7,000 children in its ranks, and killing and wounding 6,000 people as a result of the mines it planted in various governorates.

The Executive Director of the coalition, ” Mutahar Al-Badji,” said that Yemen “is witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis due to the practices and violations of the Houthi militia systematic against the Yemeni people, especially during the past year and the first half of the year 2020″.

Yemeni human rights alliance: 20 thousand kidnapped in Houthi prisons

During the symposium, the head of the executive unit for the management of camps for the displaced (government) Najeeb Al-Saadi said that there are three million and 600 thousand displaced people, including one million and 950 thousand in the areas of legitimacy.

Six years ago, Yemen witnessed a war between the legitimate government forces backed by the Arab coalition forces, and the Houthis accused of receiving support from Iran. The war resulted in the death and injury of tens of thousands of both sides.

The war has also caused a significant deterioration in the humanitarian aspect of the country, and the United Nations estimates that more than two thirds of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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