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Human rights orgs condemn the arrest of “Ahmed Amasha” again

Several human rights organizations condemned in a joint statement, the arrest and disappearance of the human rights defender, Dr. Ahmed Amasha, by the Egyptian authorities, after his family announced that communication with him had been interrupted on June 17, 2020, after a police force stormed his house in Helwan, south of Cairo, and took him To an unknown location. 

The organizations said: Although the family submitted reports to the Egyptian Attorney General and the Minister of the Interior, to report his arrest and his disappearance, demanding to reveal his whereabouts and release him, but he is still hidden until now.

In this regard, the organizations expressed grave concern about the fate of “Ahmed Amasha” and his personal and health safety under the spread of the “Corona – Covid 19” epidemic within Egyptian prisons and detention facilities.

The organizations call on the Egyptian authorities to evacuate his fate immediately, ensure his full rights, release him, and immediately stop the targeting campaign against him and his family.

The organizations stated that “Amasha” had received repeated threats by the “National Security” in Egypt, and his family had been subjected to successive security harassment since last May, after a police force stormed his home in Damietta city, and threatened his wife to reveal his whereabouts.

And “Ahmed Shawky Abdel Sattar Amasha” (58 years old), is an Egyptian human rights defender, member of the opposition “Kifaya” movement, and a trade unionist and defender of environmental rights. Amasha currently works as a veterinarian, and was previously the President of the Veterinary Syndicate.

He also contributed to launching some human rights campaigns with the participation of a number of Egyptian human rights centers on the issue of enforced disappearance and supporting the families of the disappeared.

Human rights orgs condemn the arrest of "Ahmed Amasha" again

The Egyptian authorities continuously targeted “Amasha,” and arrested him on March 10, 2017, and he was subjected to enforced disappearance for 21 days. He was also tortured, prevented from visiting, and ill health care.

He remained in pretrial detention until the Cairo Criminal Court decided on September 1, 2019, to release him with precautionary measures, but the Egyptian authorities were intransigent and refused to implement the decision until October 4, 2019.7

On May 3, 2017, in a statement, four of the UN Special Rapporteurs expressed their concern over the kidnapping, detention, torture and ill-treatment of Dr. Ahmed Shawky Abdel Sattar Amasha, due to his activities as a human rights defender.

The signatory organizations are: 

Al-Nadim Center, Baladi for Rights and Freedoms, Freedom Initiative, Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms.

Egyptian Front for Human Rights, Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies, Community for Justice

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