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The Transitional Council Militia violates the armistice in Abyan

On Tuesday, the Yemeni army accused the forces of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council of violating the armistice in Abyan Governorate (south). 

And the division of the moral guidance of the Yemeni army, through its page on “Facebook”, quoted an unnamed military source as saying: “The transitional militia is taking advantage of the declared truce and targeting the army sites in Abyan.”

And last Wednesday, the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, announced the start of deploying comprehensive ceasefire monitors in Abyan, between government forces and the Transitional Council militants.

The same source added that the Transitional Militia “targeted mortar shells at a number of locations of the Yemeni army in Al-Tariya area, east of the capital of the province, Zanzibar.”

He explained that the transitional council “is taking advantage of the armistice in Abyan, and the decision of Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to stop the ceasefire to target army positions.”

He stressed the army’s commitment to President Hadi’s directives, but “he will not stand idly by in defense of himself against the repeated attacks by the Council’s militia.”

The Transitional Council Militia violates the armistice in Abyan

And he added: “The militias have no covenant or liability, and they exploit the army’s commitment to calm to try to take control of the land.”

There was no immediate comment from the Southern Transitional Council on the accusations of the Yemeni army, until 12:50 (GMT).

And Saturday, Hadi ordered the Yemeni army to abide by the ceasefire in Abyan, to allow Saudi efforts to end the “rebellion” of the transitional council, and resume the Riyadh agreement.

On November 5, 2019, the government and the “transitional” government signed an agreement in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for a ceasefire, but it did not succeed in dealing with the situation in the south, which the council demands its secession from the north of the country.

Abyan Govern orate has witnessed, since last May 12, heavy fighting, due to the attempts of the Yemeni army to restore the city of Zanzibar from the hands of the forces of the Council.

And the council announced on April 26 last, “self-rule” in the governorates of southern Yemen, which was met with local, Arab and international rejection, and relations with the legitimate government were severely strained.

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