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Al-Mashri and EU ambassador discuss Haftar’s aggression on Tripoli

On Thursday, Libyan Supreme Council President Khaled Al-Mashri and European Union Ambassador Alan Bugia discussed the implications and consequences of General Khalifa Hifter‘s aggression on the capital, Tripoli

This came during Al-Mashri’s reception of the European ambassador in the capital, Tripoli, according to a statement of the Supreme Council.

The discussions discussed “the results of the Haftar aggression against Tripoli, which included damage to infrastructure, property of citizens and crimes against humanity.”

It also dealt with the crimes of Haftar represented in “mass graves in Tarhuna (90 km southeast of Tripoli) and laying mines in civilian homes south of the capital.”

Al-Mashri and EU ambassador discuss Haftar's aggression on Tripoli

According to the same statement, the two sides discussed “the role of the European Union in the success of the political process in Libya.”

On Tuesday, the Libyan army announced the discovery of 208 bodies from mass graves south of the capital, Tripoli (west), and the city of Tarhuna and its surroundings, within 23 days. These areas were controlled by the Haftar militia.

Hifter has suffered heavy losses recently, and the crimes of his militia have been exposed, in light of the Libyan army achieving successive victories, most notably the liberation of areas occupied by the militia in Tripoli, in addition to the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid, the entire cities of the West Coast, the “Al-Wattiya” air base, and towns in the western mountain.

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