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UNSC seeks to extend the delivery of Syrian aid through Turkey

“There is an urgent need to extend the mandate of the mechanism for the delivery of cross-border humanitarian aid from Turkey to Syria,” said the President of the UN Security Council, German Ambassador Christoph Huisgen, on Wednesday. 

This came in a press conference with reporters at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Huisgen explained, “Germany and Belgium have proposed a draft resolution to extend that mechanism, especially since the current mandate will expire on the tenth of this month.”

On January 11, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2504 to extend the mechanism for delivering cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria through only two crossings from Turkey, for a period of 6 months, and to close Al-Yarubia crossings in Iraq and Ramtha in Jordan at the request of Russia and China.

From 2014 until the issuance of Resolution 2504, the Security Council allowed the delivery of cross-border humanitarian aid, on an annual basis, through 4 border crossings – Bab al-Salam and Bab al-Hawa in Turkey, Al-Yarubia in Iraq, and Ramtha in Jordan.

In the Libyan file, the President of the Security Council stressed the importance of expediting the appointment of a new UN envoy to replace “Ghassan Salameh”, who resigned from his position in early March, calling for not hindering his appointment efforts.

The President of the Security Council denied that the Council is ready to vote on a draft resolution on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, at this time.

UNSC seeks to extend the delivery of Syrian aid through Turkey

“Everyone is now awaiting the efforts of the African Union and focusing on the negotiations held by the three parties of the dam,” he added.

Negotiations on the “Renaissance Dam” between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have stalled over the past years, amid mutual accusations between Cairo and Addis Ababa of “intransigence” and “the desire to impose unrealistic solutions.”

Before the Security Council discussed, on Monday, the dam crisis, amid reliance on the African Union move to resolve negotiations and come up with an agreement to fill the dam.

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