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Human Rights Center: Israel destroys Gaza fishing sector

A Palestinian human rights center said on Saturday that the Gaza fishing sector is being subjected to “an organized Israeli destruction operation.” 

This came in a report issued by the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights (non-governmental), on Israeli violations against the fishing sector, during the first half of 2020.

The center added, “The organized destruction process appears through the continued violations of the occupation forces, which are chasing fishermen at sea, shooting at them, arresting some of them, killing and injuring people in their ranks, destroying and confiscating their equipment, and preventing them from working.”

The Center continued: “In addition to these practices, the occupation authorities determine the area of fishing that the Palestinian fisherman is allowed to work within, and prevent the introduction of necessary marine materials and equipment in general.”

The center explained that the marine sector provided job opportunities for fishermen and workers in related professions such as “boat manufacturing and maintenance, equipment and nets maintenance, fish trade and related transport operations and others.”

He stated that the marine sector contributed to “supporting the Palestinian gross national product and food for the population.”

The center monitored Israel’s 172 violations of the fishing sector in Gaza during the first half of this year.

The center stated that these violations resulted in “harming workers in the fishing sector, and hindering the possibility of expanding their work in parallel with the natural increase in population numbers.”

Human Rights Center: Israel destroys Gaza fishing sector

According to the human rights report, the violations led to the classification of workers in the marine sector “among the poorest groups in Palestinian society in Gaza.”

The center pointed out that the number of workers in the fishing sector during the year 2019 is about 5 thousand and 606, among them 3 thousand and 606 fishermen.

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