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The release of the journalist, Mohamed Mounir, without conditions

On Thursday afternoon, the Supreme State Security Prosecution released the journalist, Mohamed Mounir, without guarantees, who was being held on remand in case No. 535 of 2020. 

A statement issued on behalf of the media group following up on the case, who are “Diaa Rashwan”, the Syndicate of Journalists and “Hazem Mounir” brother of the journalist colleague “Mohamed Mounir”: The journalist was being held in “Liman Tora Hospital”, where he conducted several medical examinations for his suffering from some diseases.

The statement added that, “Immediately after the decision of the Public Prosecution was issued, colleague” Mohamed Mounir “left the prison hospital directly to his home, after implementing the procedures to release him quickly and easily without any obstacles.

The statement continued, “Mounir, will spend several days at rest to complete the follow-up procedure and medical examinations required in accordance with the directions of the doctor and the hospital doctor, who conducted a comprehensive medical examination for him upon his arrival to it.”

It is noteworthy that on June 27, the Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to imprison Mounir for 15 days pending investigations into the charges against him, after the prosecution charged him with collective terrorist participation, spreading false news and misusing social media.

And earlier, “Hazem Mounir” – the brother of the colleague “Mohamed Mounir” – said that his brother was transferred, last Tuesday, to “Tora Liman” hospital to follow up his health.

The release of the journalist, Mohamed Mounir, without conditions

The Mounir family confirmed, in a statement, last Tuesday, that he was in good health, and that he had been transferred to Tora Liman Hospital to be placed under direct medical care; Because of his illnesses that require his care, and not because of health crises.

The family added: “He was admitted to Tora Liman Hospital after medical tests of his safety from the Corona virus at Al Haram Hospital earlier.”

The family of the journalist writer, Mohamed Mounir, 65, announced on Monday (June 15th) that a police force kidnapped him from his apartment in the Sheikh Zayed area of Giza Governorate and took him to an unknown location.

The arrest of “Mounir” came 24 hours after he released a video from surveillance cameras for a security force to storm his apartment in the “Haram” area in two stages, and destroy its contents.

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