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“Al-Awda” family documents the violations of the Saudi against him

Dr. Abdullah Al-Awdah, son of the Islamic preacher, Sheikh Salman Al-Awdah, who is detained by the Saudi authorities, announced that the family began collecting and documenting the violations committed against his father, from the moment of his arrest. 

Al-Awda said on his page on the social networking site “Twitter” that the violations committed against his father are inhuman, such as torture, abuse and psychological pressure, and that the family will collect information about all those involved in the violations against him.

He added in a series of tweets that this would include everyone who was involved in the violations against his father, who are employees of the security services, or investigators, guards, and affiliates of the “judicial” agencies, or suspected media personnel and others.

“Al-Awda” family documents the violations of the Saudi against him

Abdullah Al-Awda explained that the aim of this is to monitor human rights, legal and media locally and internationally, and to prepare in a next step to advocate and take legal measures, and to feild lawsuit locally and regionally.

He invited everyone with any information or documents related to violations against his father to email him.

Earlier this month, Al-Awda said that contact with his father had been cut off for months, expressing concerns about his health.

This came in a tweet of the son of “Al-Awdah“, on his account in “Twitter”, in which he said: “Until this moment the father has not called for months, and we do not know his condition or his status.”

Abdullah said that the reason for cutting the communication is part of the series of psychological torture of the Saudi preacher and his family.

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