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The death of detainee no.45 of Coronavirus inside Egyptian prisons

Human rights sources announced the death of a new detainee inside prisons after he was infected with the “Corona” virus, which reports indicated that it spread to political detainees in prisons

“Mustafa Abdel Rahman Khalifa,” died of the virus, (48 years), inside the prison hospital, and his family was not informed of his death.

The family was informed of his death by visiting him in the hospital, where they were found dead since July 22, according to activists.

Mustafa Khalifa works as a lawyer, and he was arrested from his home on September 19, 2013, in the Kerdasa Center of the Giza Governorate.

With this incident, the number of deceased political detainees in Egyptian prisons has increased, since the beginning of this year, to 45 deceased.

The number of deaths in prisons increased during the past May and June, due to medical negligence and infection with the Coronavirus.

The deaths indicate a dangerous escalation of intentional medical negligence leading to death in Egyptian prisons, in light of the spread of the “Corona” epidemic, which some countries rushed to release their prisoners for fear of spreading among them.

The death of detainee no.45 of Coronavirus inside Egyptian prisons

While the number of detainees infected with HIV, police and personnel working in detention facilities increased to 156; 121 of them are suspected of being infected, while 35 others are confirmed to have been infected, according to the Corona Counter, which was recently launched by the “Committee for Justice”.

For his part, Ahmed Mefreh, Executive Director of Committee for Justice, said: “As the Egyptian regime seeks to return to normal life, The regime’s blackout is still ongoing regarding the conditions of detainees inside prisons and various detention centers, in light of the ongoing visit ban for nearly four months, while the epidemic has spread to 36 detention facilities in 11 governorates according to our monitoring”.

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