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Expert: Zero options fail any political solution in Yemen

Yemeni writer and political researcher Abdul Nasser al-Mudea said that the current conditions of reality in Yemen confirm the absence of a political solution. 

al-Mudea attributed the causes of this lack to the nature of the conflicting forces in Yemen, which he described as “having zero options towards each other.”

He explained that “there are no longer institutions, specifically the strong institutions that we can say that the parties deal with as if they are state institutions, there is no longer a national army recognized by the conflicting powers.”

The Yemeni expert added that “each of the conflicting parties has something similar to its army or its own militia that serves its goals, so it is inconceivable that any form of consensus will happen on a partnership government between the parties that bear this degree of hostility and conflict with the other.”

According to al-Mudea , “The Houthis have become a force controlling most of the north and managing their power through the institutions of the state that they seized, and thus the Houthis will not accept that they step back and allow their opponents to be part of the force.”

Expert: Zero options fail any political solution in Yemen

He added: “The Houthis are only ready to allow others to join under their authority and to be subordinate, not partners.”

On the other hand, al-Mudea said, “Saudi Arabia is in a situation that cannot accept the Houthis as a fait accompli at least for the time being, because its acceptance of this reality means that Iran has triumphed and that the Houthis who differ with Saudi Arabia ideologically and politically will threaten them now and in the long run.”

At the same time, the writer emphasized, that despite the lack of a political solution, there is “also no prospect of a military solution.”

He explained: “There is no expectation that the Houthis will be defeated, for example, and the return of legitimacy in one way or another, and this matter seems remote at the present time.”

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