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Lebanon warns of “slipping into the worse” due to an Israeli escalation

On Tuesday, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab warned of a “slide toward the worst” due to a “dangerous military escalation” by Israel against his country. 

This came in his speech during a meeting of the Supreme Council of the Lebanese Defense, at the Presidential Palace, east of the capital, Beirut, to discuss security developments in the country.

“I call for caution in the coming days, because I am concerned that things will slip for the worse, given the extreme tension on our borders,” Diab said in his speech, which was posted on his Twitter account.

He added: “Israel assaulted Lebanon‘s sovereignty again, and violated Resolution 1701 through a dangerous military escalation.”

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israeli forces foiled an attempt by Hezbollah to infiltrate across the borders of Lebanon, which the party denied.

Lebanese media reported that Israel fired dozens of shells at the disputed “Shebaa Farms” area, allegedly to counter the alleged infiltration attempt.

Lebanon warns of "slipping into the worse" due to an Israeli escalation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, Tuesday, that the army is “well prepared for every scenario” that could happen in the border area with Lebanon.

“Yesterday’s work was important, we foiled infiltration into our lands, everything that is happening now is the result of an effort by Iran and its Lebanese agents to establish a military presence in our area,” Netanyahu said during a security assessment session at the IDF’s Northern Command.

He added, according to the text of his statement, “Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah serves this Iranian interest at the expense of Lebanon.”

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