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The transitional council abandons self-rule in southern Yemen

The Southern Transitional Council, “backed by an Emirati“, announced, at dawn on Wednesday, its abandonment of the autonomy rule of the southern governorates, nearly 3 months after it announced its self-rule. 

“The transitional council announces the abandonment of the self-management declaration, so that the Arab coalition can implement the Riyadh agreement,” said council spokesman Nizar Haitham on his personal page on Facebook.

He pointed out that “the decision comes within the framework of the council’s keenness to make the Riyadh agreement succeed, achieve security and stability, and unite joint efforts to confront the Houthi militias and terrorist groups.”

He stated that “the council has achieved the goals that the declaration of self-management was based on, which is implementing the Riyadh agreement, forming a new government equally divided between the north and south, appointing a governor and security director for the capital, Aden, and moving the military forces to the combat fronts to be replaced by the security forces.”

The transitional council abandons self-rule in southern Yemen

He affirmed, “The continuation of the partnership with the Arab alliance at all levels, and the fight against Iranian interference and terrorist groups, as well as securing maritime shipping lines, the Gulf of Aden and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.”

And the announcement of the Southern Transitional Council last April 26, what he called “self-management” for the southern governorates, was rejected by an Arab and an international.

It also rejected 6 southern Yemeni provinces at the time, out of 8 the interim declaration and confirmed its adherence to legitimacy and the Yemeni President “Hadi”.

The Yemeni government accuses the UAE of supporting the separatist transitional council to serve Emirati special goals in Yemen, but Abu Dhabi usually denies the accusation.

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