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Beirut explosion: The resignation of 4 Lebanese parliamentarians

The head of the “Lebanese Kataeb” party, Sami Gemayel, announced on Saturday the resignation of his three representatives from the House of Representatives, while the independent MP Paula Yacoubian, after announcing her resignation, called on the rest of the representatives to “submit collective resignations.” 

The “Lebanese Kataeb Party” party bloc includes 3 representatives (Sami Gemayel, Nadim El-Gamil, Elias Hanakish), out of a total of 128 parliament members.

The announcement of the resignation came during the funeral of the Secretary-General of the “Lebanese Phalanges” party, Nizar Najarian, who died in the Beirut Port bombing last Tuesday.

“We will stand up to the (Lebanese political) system, we and some honest people,” Gemayel said.

Beirut explosion: The resignation of 4 Lebanese parliamentarians

Addressing the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, he added, “On August 4, 2020 (referring to the Beirut explosion), a new Lebanon will be born on the ruins of the old Lebanon that you represent.”

“We will get rid of lies, and we will fight for the country we wanted, and we will not accept that anyone separate us, because we are all one people who will rise up and change the reality, and this is what we will work for.”

It was also a member of the “Democratic Meeting”, Representative Marwan Hamadeh, who submitted his resignation Wednesday from the House of Representatives against the backdrop of the Beirut bombing.

Representative Paula Yacoubian also announced her resignation, calling on her Twitter account of what she described as the nation’s representatives, to “submit collective resignations next Monday from the Council of Impotence and Lethality.”

And Yacoubian considered that “opposition from within is no longer useful.”

Beirut explosion: The resignation of 4 Lebanese parliamentarians

On Tuesday, a huge explosion took place in the Beirut port, killing 154 people and more than 6 thousand wounded, in addition to dozens of missing people under the rubble (an infinite toll), along with tremendous material damage.

According to preliminary investigations, the explosion occurred in Ward 12 of the port, which the authorities said contained about 2,750 tons of highly explosive “ammonium nitrate”, which had been confiscated and stored since 2014.

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