Burhan: We will not give up on raising the flag of Sudan on Halayeb

The head of Sudan‘s Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said that his country’s army would not retreat until the flag of Sudan was raised in the Halayeb Triangle, which is disputed with Egypt. 

This came in a speech by Burhan, who is the commander-in-chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces, when addressing the army soldiers and officers in the Sidna Valley Military District in Omdurman, north of the Sudanese capital.

Al-Burhan said: “Our right is what we will not leave and will not retreat from and will not forget, until the flag of Sudan is raised in Halayeb and Shalateen and everywhere in our country,” according to the official news agency.

Al-Burhan saluted the Sudanese army forces stationed around Halayeb and Shalateen and all those who defend the country, saying, “We are with you.”

Burhan: We will not give up on raising the flag of Sudan on Halayeb

He referred to “the great targeting that Sudan is exposed to in its unity and borders,” without direct accusation to anyone.

He continued: “We have been following the persistent attempts by some to discredit the armed forces, demonize the Rapid Support Forces (affiliated with the army) and attempt to sedition between them.
But we tell them that we are united and held together with one hand, and we have pledged with the people to stand with them and with their revolution.

Relations between Sudan and Egypt are tense from time to time due to various issues, including the dispute over the Halayeb region, and the position on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The 22nd North latitude, which formed the base of the “Halayeb, Shalateen and Abu Ramad” triangle, has turned into a focus of a sovereignty dispute between Egypt and Sudan over the past 6 decades.

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