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Flood victims rise in Sudan and a village is completely submerged

The National Council for Civil Defense in Sudan announced, on Monday, that flood deaths rose to 102, in addition to the sinking of an entire village, north of the capital, Khartoum

This came in a statement to Anadolu Agency, by the spokesman for the National Council for Civil Defense (official), Colonel Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim.

Abdul Rahim said: “The number of deaths rose to 102 as a result of torrents and floods, as well as the entire (Tamaniyat) village flooded, north of the Sudanese capital.”

He explained that “the number of houses affected by the floods is constantly increasing, and some of them have completely collapsed, and new areas in Khartoum were damaged by the Nile flood during Sunday and Monday, including the Lamab areas (south) and Umm Doum (east).”

Flood victims rise in Sudan and a village is completely submerged

According to local media, including the private Al-Ahdath newspaper, all 350 homes in the village of Al-Tamaniyat have completely collapsed, and that residents are now living in the open and need tents for shelter.

The Sudanese Ministry of Interior said, on Saturday, that the death toll from floods and rains in Sudan has reached 101 deaths and 46 injuries, since the beginning of the autumn rainy season last June.

On Saturday, the Sudanese Defense and Security Council declared a state of emergency throughout the country for a period of 3 months to confront torrents and floods, considering it a “natural disaster area.”

The autumn rainy season in Sudan starts from June and continues until October, and usually strong rains fall during this period, and the country faces annual floods and widespread floods.

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