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Sudan signed peace agreement schedules with the “Revolutionary Front”

The Sudanese government and the Revolutionary Front signed, on Monday, initials, the timetables for the implementation of the peace agreement, in the capital of southern Sudan, Juba. 

The official Sudanese News Agency stated, “The signing of the implementation papers of the peace agreement was carried out in initials, including the center path, the north path, and the eastern Sudan agreement path.”

The agency added, “The Sudanese government has also signed with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, led by Malik Agar, the two matrixes for implementing the political agreement and security arrangements.”

The agency added: “The matrix for implementing the peace agreement on the Darfur track, of its eight protocols, was also signed by the Sudanese government and the factions of the armed movements on the Darfur track.”

And continued: “The signatures of the Peace Agreement Implementation Matrix were concluded between all parties with the National Issues Protocol Implementation Matrix, as the signature included the different tracks.”

Sudan signed peace agreement schedules with the "Revolutionary Front"

And on Sunday, the Sudan Peace Mediation Team announced that the final signing of the peace agreement between the Sudanese parties will take place on October 2, in Juba.

Last week, the Sudanese government and the leaders of the Revolutionary Front (armed movements) in Juba signed a peace agreement, with initials, that included 8 protocols, most notably power-sharing, wealth distribution, and transitional justice.

Bringing peace to Sudan is one of the most prominent files on the table of Abdullah Hamdok‘s government, which is the first government since the army leadership removed Omar al-Bashir from the presidency in April 2019, under pressure from popular protests against his rule.

On August 21, 2019, a transitional period began in Sudan that will last for 39 months, ending with elections in late 2022, during which power is shared by the army and the coalition of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the leader of the popular protests.

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