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Toby Cadman: Abdullah Muhammad Morsi was injected with a “lethal substance”

The Middle East Eye newspaper said, on Monday, that Abdullah Morsi, son of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, was killed with “lethal material.” 

And Anadolu News Agency, citing a family source, reported that Abdullah died at the age of 25 on September 4, 2019, after suffering a sudden heart attack while driving his car with a friend. However, the cause of stroke is not known.

And his death was announced in the Oasis Hospital in Giza, south of the Egyptian capital.

According to the report, the defense team, based in London, revealed that “Abdullah was transported in his car for a distance of more than 20 kilometers to the hospital after he breathed his last breath as a result of an injection with a lethal substance and was not transferred to nearby hospitals on purpose until he was completely killed and unable to The medical team saved him. “

Toby Cadman: Abdullah Muhammad Morsi was injected with a "lethal substance"

The team added: “It is quite clear that some elements of the state were aware of this fact that has now emerged.”

“There are a number of questions that remain unanswered, but the information we have leads us to believe he was killed,” said Toby Cadman, head of Morsi’s legal team and head of the 37th Guernica Chambers of International Justice.

The reports received had stated that the late President Mohamed Morsi had died of a heart attack during the court session.

And the country’s official television reported that Morsi “was suffering from a benign tumor and received constant medical attention, and that his death resulted from a heart attack.”

Following his death, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations called for a fair, transparent and comprehensive investigation into Mohamed Morsi‘s death and raised questions about his treatment in prison.

At the same time, the Egyptian government denied accusations against Morsi that Morsi had been ill-treated, and Abdullah, Morsi’s son, accused Sisi and a number of officials of “killing” his father.

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