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Defense Ministry: We agree to any political solution without Haftar


On Saturday, the Libyan Ministry of Defense announced its Approval to any political solution, provided that General Khalifa Haftar is not a party to it, especially after the massacres he committed. 

This came in a statement by Libyan Defense Minister Salah El-Din Ali Al-Namrouche, published on the official page of the ministry.

Al-Namrouche said, “We reject any dialogue that does not include a representation of the” Volcano of Anger “heroes, whom we are proud and proud of and for their heroism that they wrote.

He continued, “We are open to any political solution in which the war criminal Haftar is not a party, after the massacres he committed and the devastation caused by his sinful aggression against Tripoli.”

Al-Nimroush’s statement comes after a Libyan military commander rejected an agreement between Haftar and the head of the Libyan Presidency Council (internationally recognized), Ahmed Maitiq, regarding the resumption and export of oil.

The commander of the Western Military Region of the Libyan Army, Major General Osama Jawili, said on Saturday that “these farces will not pass and any unannounced agreement will be doomed to failure,” in a statement to the “Free Libya” satellite (especially).

Defense Ministry: We agree to any political solution without Haftar

On Friday, the spokesman for Haftar’s militia, Ahmed Al-Mesmari, revealed an agreement reached with Maitiq, shortly after Haftar announced the resumption of production and export of Libyan oil.

Prior to announcing the agreement, the (official) Libyan National Oil Corporation had announced its objection to “the politicization of the oil sector, and its use as a bargaining chip for political gains.”

According to the latest figures from the Libyan Oil Corporation, the total losses of the closure of ports and fields amounted to about $ 10 billion, 242 days after the forced closure, by forces affiliated with Haftar’s militia.

Libya has been suffering, for years, an armed conflict, and with the support of Arab and Western countries, the coup militia Haftar, the internationally recognized Libyan government, has been fighting over legitimacy and authority in the oil-rich country.

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